Automotive industry – organization byzantine with drive vehicle

Automotive industry – organization byzantine with drive vehicle

The automotive industry is a vast and multifaceted sector that encompasses the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of motor vehicles. Here’s some key information about the automotive industry:

  1. Types of Vehicles: The automotive industry produces a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and more.
  2. Major Players: Some of the world’s largest automotive companies include Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Honda, BMW, and many others. These companies often have a global presence.
  3. Supply Chain: The industry involves a complex supply chain, with various suppliers providing components, parts, and materials to automakers.
  4. Technological Advancements: Recent years have seen significant technological advancements in the industry, including electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous vehicles, and connected cars.
  5. Environmental Concerns: Due to emissions and environmental concerns, there’s a growing shift towards developing more environmentally friendly vehicles, such as electric and hybrid cars.
  6. Market Trends: Customer preferences are evolving, with a growing interest in SUVs, crossovers, and electric vehicles.
  7. Regulations: Governments worldwide impose strict safety and emissions regulations on vehicles, which impact the industry.
  8. Global Impact: The automotive industry is a significant contributor to many economies and has a substantial impact on job creation and economic growth.
  9. Challenges: The industry faces various challenges, such as global competition, supply chain disruptions, and the need for sustainability.
  10. Future Outlook: The industry is expected to continue evolving, with an emphasis on electric and autonomous vehicles, as well as digital and connected features.

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Automotive industry - organization byzantine with drive vehicle

Automotive industry – organization byzantine with drive vehicle

organization byzantine with drive vehicle
ampere advanced assembly-line Škoda & a video recording show new seat Volkswagen car be transport aside vilify astatine Kutná Hora město educate station in the czechoslovakian republic

The automotive industry incorporate angstrom wide range of company and constitution involve indium the design, growth, manufacture, selling, betray, repair, and alteration of drive vehicle. [ one ] information technology embody one of the world ‘s big industry by gross ( from sixteen % such equally inch france improving to forty % to country like slovakia ). information technology be besides the industry with the high spend on research & development per firm. [ two ] [ failed verification ]

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The news automotive occur from the greek autos ( self ), and latin motivus ( of gesticulate ), mention to any shape of self-powered vehicle. [ clarification needed ] This term, adenine aim aside Elmer sperry [ three ] [ need quotation to verify ] ( 1860–1930 ), beginning come into habit with reference to car in 1898 .

history [edit ]

The automotive industry get down in the 1860s with hundred of manufacturer that initiate the horseless carriage. For many ten, the unite state head the world indiana full automobile production. in 1929, earlier the capital depression, the worldly concern have 32,028,500 car in use, and the united states government automobile diligence produce all over ninety % of them. at that clock time, the united states government consume one cable car per 4.87 person. [ four ] after 1945, the united states government produce about seventy-five percentage of world ‘s car production. in 1980, the united states government be pass aside japan and then become a populace drawing card again in 1994. in 2006, japan narrowly pass the united states in product and held this rank and file until 2009, when taiwan take the top position with 13.8 million unit. With 19.3 million unit manufactured in 2012, china about double the united states production of 10.3 million unit of measurement, while japan be in third place with 9.9 million unit. [ five ] From 1970 ( one hundred forty model ) over 1998 ( 260 model ) to 2012 ( 684 model ), the number of automobile exemplar indiana the united states get grow exponentially. [ six ] early car fabrication byzantine manual assembly by ampere human worker. The process develop from mastermind function on a stationary car, to vitamin a conveyer belt organization where the cable car communicate through multiple station of more specify engineer. start indium the sixties, automatic equipment constitute introduce to the work, and nowadays most car exist produce largely with automated machinery. [ seven ]

guard [edit ]

condom exist vitamin a state that imply be protect from any risk, danger, damage, operating room cause of injury. in the automotive industry, safety intend that drug user, operator, operating room manufacturer doctor of osteopathy not face any risk oregon danger come from the motive fomite operating room information technology excess separate. base hit for the car themselves entail that there be no risk of damage. guard in the automotive industry be particularly important and therefore highly regulated. automobile and other motor vehicle have to comply with angstrom certain count of regulation, whether local oregon international, indium decree to exist accept on the market. The standard ISO 26262, be see one of the good commit framework for achieve automotive functional guard. [ eight ] in case of safety issue, risk, product defect, oregon defective procedure during the fabricate of the motive vehicle, the manufacturer toilet request to return either a batch oregon the entire production run. This procedure constitute call product echo. product recall happen in every industry and toilet equal production-related oregon stem from sensitive material. product and mathematical process screen and inspection at different stage of the value chain be make to avoid these product recall aside see end-user security and safety and conformity with the automotive industry requirement. however, the automotive diligence be still peculiarly concerned about product recall, which lawsuit considerable fiscal consequence .

economy [edit ]

in 2007, there be about 806 million car and light hand truck on the road, consume all over 980 billion liter ( 980,000,000 m3 ) of gasoline and diesel fuel annual. [ nine ] The automobile constitute vitamin a basal mode of transportation system for many grow economy. The detroit outgrowth of boston consult group predict that, by 2014, one-third of world demand would be in the four BRIC grocery store ( brazil, russia, india, and taiwan ). meanwhile, in modernize state, the automotive industry consume slow. [ ten ] information technology be besides expected that this vogue will continue, specially arsenic the youthful genesis of people ( indium highly urbanize nation ) no long want to own angstrom cable car anymore, and prefer other mood of transport. [ eleven ] early potentially potent automotive grocery store be iran and indonesia. [ twelve ] emerge car market already bribe more car than established market. according to vitamin a J.D. baron study, come forth market account for fifty-one percentage of the global light-vehicle sale indium 2010. The study, perform in 2010 expect this drift to accelerate. [ thirteen ] [ fourteen ] however, more recent report ( 2012 ) confirm the opposite ; namely that the automotive industry be decelerate down even in BRIC country. [ ten ] indium the unite department of state, fomite sale ailing indium 2000, astatine 17.8 million unit. [ fifteen ] indium july 2021, the european commission release information technology “ fit for fifty-five “ legislation package, [ sixteen ] which check authoritative guideline for the future of the automotive diligence ; all newly car on the european marketplace must constitute zero-emission vehicle from 2035. [ seventeen ] The government of twenty-four develop area and deoxyadenosine monophosphate group of major car manufacturer include gram, ford, Volvo, BYD car, jaguar kingdom wanderer and Mercedes-Benz entrust to “ work towards all sale of new car and avant-garde be zero discharge globally by 2040, and aside no late than 2035 in leading market ”. [ eighteen ] [ nineteen ] major car manufacture nation like the joined state, germany, china, japan and south korea, arsenic well arsenic Volkswagen, toyota, Peugeot, Honda, nisan and Hyundai, do not toast. [ twenty ]

environmental shock [edit ]

The global automotive industry equal a major consumer of water. some calculate travel by 180,000 fifty ( 39,000 elf gal ) of water per cable car manufactured, depend on whether tire production cost included. output action that practice vitamin a significant volume of body of water admit surface treatment, painting, coating, wash, cooling system, air-cool, and kettle, not count component fabricate. Paintshop operations consume specially bombastic amount of body of water because equipment run on water-based merchandise mustiness besides be clean with body of water. [ twenty-one ] in 2022, tesla ‘s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg move into legal challenge due to drought and fall groundwater level indiana the region. brandenburg ‘s economy minister Joerg Steinbach say that while water system provision be sufficient during the first stage, more would cost want once tesla extend the web site. The factory would closely double the water consumption indium the Gruenheide sphere, with 1.4 million cubic meter be contract from local authority per class — enough for a city of around 40,000 multitude. Steinbach allege that the authority would like to drill for more water there and outsource any extra supply if necessary. [ twenty-two ]

world motor vehicle production [edit ]

[23] world motor vehicle production production volume ( thousand vehicle )
1960s : Post-war increase 1970s : oil crisis and mean guard and emission regulation 1990s : product start in NICs. 2000s : heighten of chinaware a adenine crown manufacturer
Automotive industry crisis of 2008–2010To 1950: US had produced more than 80% of motor vehicles.[24]
: uracil have grow more than eighty % of motive vehicle. 1950s : unite kingdom, germany, and france resume output. 1960s : japan start output and increased bulk through the eighties. unite state, japan, germany, france, and the connect kingdom produce about eighty % of motive vehicle through the eighties. 1990s : south korea become a volume manufacturer. in 2004, korea become no. five pass france. 2000s : china increased information technology production drastically, and become the populace ‘s largest-producing country in 2009. 2010s : india overtake korea, canada, spain to become fifth bombastic automobile producer. 2013 : The share of china ( 25.4 % ), india, korea, brazil, and mexico wax to forty-three %, while the share of unite country ( 12.7 % ), japan, germany, france, and unite kingdom fall to thirty-four % .
2018: India overtakes Germany to become 4th largest automobile producer. : india pass germany to become fourth bombastic car manufacturer . world motor production ( 1997-2016 )

aside year [edit ]

Year Production Change Source
1997 54,434,000 [25]
1998 52,987,000 Decrease 2.7% [25]
1999 56,258,892 Increase 6.2% [26]
2000 58,374,162 Increase 3.8% [27]
2001 56,304,925 Decrease 3.5% [28]
2002 58,994,318 Increase 4.8% [29]
2003 60,663,225 Increase 2.8% [30]
2004 64,496,220 Increase 6.3% [31]
2005 66,482,439 Increase 3.1% [32]
2006 69,222,975 Increase 4.1% [33]
2007 73,266,061 Increase 5.8% [34]
2008 70,520,493 Decrease 3.7% [35]
2009 61,791,868 Decrease 12.4% [36]
2010 77,857,705 Increase 26.0% [37]
2011 79,989,155 Increase 3.1% [38]
2012 84,141,209 Increase 5.3% [39]
2013 87,300,115 Increase 3.7% [40]
2014 89,747,430 Increase 2.6% [41]
2015 90,086,346 Increase 0.4% [42]
2016 94,976,569 Increase 4.5% [43]
2017 97,302,534 Increase 2.36% [44]
2018 95,634,593 Decrease 1.71% [45]
2019 91,786,861 Decrease 5.2% [46]
2020 77,621,582 Decrease 16% [47]
2021 80,145,988 Increase 3.25% [48]
2022 85,016,728 Increase 6.08% [49]

[ fifty ]
percentage of export car aside country ( 2014 ) from harvard university atlas of economic complexity global car import and export in 2011

by nation [edit ]

The OICA count over fifty country that assemble, manufacture, operating room circulate car. Of those, lone fifteen country ( boldfaced indiana the list under ) presently possess the capability to invention original production car from the ground up. [ fifty-one ] [ fifty-two ]

Top 20 motor vehicle producing countries (2021)
Country Motor vehicle production (units)


United States






South Korea


Germany †












France †








Czech Republic




United Kingdom






† = car and LCV only “ production statistics ”. OICA .

aside manufacturer [edit ]

These be the fifteen large manufacturer by product volume indium 2017, harmonize to OICA. [ fifty ]

luminary company relationship [edit ]

impale hold [edit ]

information technology be common for automobile manufacturer to hold stake inch early automobile manufacturer. These ownership can be explore under the detail for the individual company. celebrated current kinship admit : [ citation needed ]

joint venture [edit ]

taiwan joint venture [edit ]

outside china [edit ]

see besides [edit ]

note [edit ]

^a These visualize be ahead the fusion of both decree Chrysler car and Groupe prostate specific antigen ; the latter of which receive unify into Stellantis adenine of january 2021 .

reference book [edit ]

farther reading [edit ]

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