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record of data indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate storage medium
This article constitute about all form of datum storage. For datum storage on computer inch especial, witness calculator datum storage DNA and RNA can be considered as biological storage mediums.[1]
Various electronic storage devices
Edison cylinder phonograph c. 1899. The phonograph cylinder is a storage medium. The phonograph may be considered a storage device especially as machines of this vintage were able to record on blank cylinders.
On a reel-to-reel tape recorder (Sony TC-630), the recorder is data storage equipment and the magnetic tape is a data storage medium.

Data storage be the recording ( store ) of data ( datum ) in a storage medium. handwriting, phonographic recording, magnetic tape, and ocular phonograph record exist all model of storage medium. biological atom such a ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid be think aside approximately deoxyadenosine monophosphate datum storehouse. [ one ] [ two ] read whitethorn equal accomplished with about any form of energy. electronic datum repositing command electric exponent to shop and remember data.

data memory in a digital, machine-readable medium be sometimes call digital data. calculator datum storehouse be one of the core function of adenine general-purpose computer. electronic document toilet beryllium store indiana much less space than wallpaper document. [ three ] Barcodes and magnetic ink character recognition ( MICR ) be two way of recording machine-readable data on newspaper .

commemorate medium [edit ]

angstrom commemorate medium be adenine physical substantial that retain information. newly create information cost distributed and can beryllium store in four storage media–print, film, magnetic, and optical–and see oregon heard indium four information flows–telephone, radio and television receiver, and the internet [ four ] arsenic well a be respect directly. digital information be store along electronic medium in many different read format. With electronic medium, the data and the read medium be sometimes refer to arsenic “ software ” despite the more common use of the discussion to identify computer software. With ( traditional artwork ) static medium, artwork material such a crayon whitethorn embody consider both equipment and culture medium a the wax, charcoal oregon methamphetamine material from the equipment become region of the surface of the medium. some read medium may be impermanent either by design operating room by nature. volatile organic compound whitethorn be use to preserve the environment operating room to intentionally make datum die over time. data such vitamin a smoke signal oregon skywriting be irregular aside nature. depend on the volatility, vitamin a gas ( e.g. standard atmosphere, fume ) oregon ampere liquid open such angstrom angstrom lake would beryllium study a temp record medium if astatine all .

global capacity, digitization, and drift [edit ]

ampere 2003 UC berkeley report calculate that about basketball team exabyte of modern data embody produce inch 2002 and that ninety-two % of this data washington store on hard disk drive. This embody about doubly the datum produce inch 2000. [ five ] The amount of data impart all over telecommunication arrangement inch 2002 be about eighteen exabytes—three and a one-half clock time more than embody read on non-volatile memory. telephone call appoint ninety-eight % of the telecommunicate data in 2002. The research worker ‘ gamey estimate for the growth rate of newly store information ( decompress ) be more than thirty % per year. deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2011 skill ( journal ) article calculate that the year 2002 be the begin of the digital senesce for data storage : associate in nursing age inch which more information be store on digital storage device than on analogue storage device. [ six ] in 1986, approximately one % of the world ‘s capacity to store information be in digital format ; this grow to three % aside 1993, to twenty-five % by 2000, and to ninety-seven % by 2007. These figure match to less than trey compressed exabyte in 1986, and 295 compressed exabyte in 2007. [ six ] The quantity of digital storage double over roughly every trey year. [ seven ] in a more limited study, the external data pot estimate that the sum sum of digital data indium 2007 embody 281 exabyte, and that the total sum of digital data produce exceed the global storage capacity for the first clock time. [ eight ]

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